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Exhaust Temperature :

Easy View - Dual Input Digital EGT Kit with Backlight

Dual Zone E.G.T. Kit - 2 MAX Temps Per Run!!

Lowest Price, Best Response Time, Guaranteed!

Part #: 8525-K Dual input EGT Kit with TWO (2) clamp style probes.
Price: $269.98

Part #: 8525-E Dual input EGT Kit with TWO (2) 1/8" NPT screw in probes.
Price: $269.98

Dual Inputs and Two Max Temp Recalls per run! You can monitor two channels and get the Maxiumum temperature for both channels on the same run.

Our Easy View, Dual Input, Digital Exhaust Temperature kits take the headache out of achieving the proper air/fuel ratio required for best performance and ET Prediction. This highly accurate digital meter has a large LCD display and a range of -200 to 1999 degrees F. Large push buttons, can be easily operated with gloves on. A Max Temp function for both inputs, with timer, records the highest readings on the run, while an Auto Off function conserves battery life. The LCD screen has a backlight for night racing. Our meters are lightweight. This meter weighs just eight (8) ounces because it uses a modern circuit board with miniature integrated components. Therefore, G forces will not tear this unit apart like the others!

The meter runs on self-contained AAA batteries. Our highest quality, ultra-fast response, American made, stainless steel thermocouple exposed tip probe, with 6 foot braided cable, clamps around header tube. You must drill a 3/16" I.D. hole in the top of the tube for the probe. The self-sealing probe tip inserts 1 inch into the tube. The whole system installs in just minutes. All probes are tested and certified in the range -200 to 2000 degrees F.

Note: Screw in style NPT probe includes 1/8" NPT compression fitting, but requires a bung (not included) on the header tube. Weld bungs are available here.

This meter has two inputs allowing you to monitor two temperatures simultaneously. It will recall TWO MAX Temp readings on each run and will log the time in seconds where the maximum temperature was achieved. The whole system installs in just minutes. Order replacement probes here Exhaust Probes .


  • C , F, and K Switchable
  • Lightweight design (8 ounces total weight)
  • .1 Degree Resolution
  • Ultra-fast response, exposed tip thermocouple probe
  • Large Push Buttons
  • DUAL MAX Temp Record Function with Timer
  • LCD BackLight
  • Protective Holster
  • Hold Function
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Auto Power Off
  • Range: -200 F to 1999 F
  • Sampling Rate: 3 times per second
  • Battery: 6 AAA (included)
  • Battery Life: 200 hours
  • Dimensions: 6" x 2.8" x 1.4"

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    "If you buy another brand, you'll be replacing the 9-volt battery every week!"
    ...Bob Kodadek, SC 1596


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