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2012 Software Upgrades

RaceLog Pro 8 Plus

RaceLog Pro 7 Lite

RaceLog Pro 8 Plus Upgrade CD

Note:Version date: 10/22/2012 Windows 7 and Windows 8 require this latest version of the software!

If you are a registered user of a previous version of RaceLog Pro, you can upgrade at a greatly reduced cost to our new RaceLog Pro 8 Plus software.

RaceLog Pro 8 Plus
is the Weather Station and Paging System enabled version of our RaceLog Pro software. You don't need a trailer station or paging system to use RaceLog Pro 8 Plus, but if you do, it supports the Davis Vantage Vue wireless, Davis Vantage Pro, Davis Vantage Pro2 cabled and wireless, Davis Weather Monitor II, Altronics PAPC, and select Professional Lacrosse weather stations. Plus, our unique Xlite Paging System. However, you do not need a Paging System with Free SMS paging using your internet connection, and a cell phone or other wireless device via Email!

RaceLog Pro 8 Plus has many improvements and new features from previous versions of RaceLog Pro. Some new features are:

New in Version 8.0 - Free SMS and Email Paging! SMS (Short Message Service) is also known as 'texting' and almost all wireless devices today will accept text messages and/or email. With SMS paging, an expensive UHF paging transmitter, antenna, or pager isn't needed. Instead, it uses the internet connection on your computer and your cell phone, iPad, iPod, or other wireless device. It is free to send SMS text and email messages, though your cell phone provider may charge for you to receive text messages.

New in Version 7.0

Windows 7 (32/64 bit) - This version adds support for Windows 7 and Vista (32/64 bit) operating systems.

Davis Vantage Vue -
Added support for the brand new Davis Vantage Vue wireless weather station.

ET Prediction for E85 fuel -
The program now supports Gasoline, Methanol, and E85 fuel.

Custom Paging String -
The ET Predictor Pro now has the ability for you to design your own Custom Paging String for each different database and/or car with the just data that you wish to see and in the order you wish to see it appear on your pager.

Edit Label Definitions
This new function allows you to edit the labels for most of the data cells in your logbook and save the custom label definitions as .def files. These are the data fields that you can use for any data that you choose.

Paging Working Directories (PWD) - These are now built into the ET Predictor Pro program to avoid possible user errors.

Destination Directories -
These are now built in to PageAire Pro program to also avoid possible user errors.
Simultaneous paging -
Simulataneous paging now supports up to four (4) cars and left lane/right lane paging.

New in Version 6.0:

Automatic Weather Retrieval

If you are using a supported weather station with RaceLog Pro Plus, it is no longer necessary to enter the weather data to a new record in the logbook manually. Racelog Pro Plus maintains a separate Date/Time indexed weather database (by the minute) while it is running. When adding, editing, or inserting a new run, if weather data is available, a Data Control appears allowing you to select the weather according to the Date and Time on your time slip and is entered automatically into the database record. No more pencil and paper and less typing!

Water Grains and Vapor Pressure
Calculations and display of Water Grains and Vapor Pressure have been added to the logbook and the ET Predictor screen.

Automatic Calculation
The buttons for
Air_Calculate and STP_Calculate are removed from the logbook screen and the calculations are performed automatically as you edit or move through the record. No more forgetting to calculate!

New Component
An additional Component Run has been added to the logbook for keeping track of Oil and Filter changes.

Run Segment Analysis Graphing
A graph has been added to the Run Segment Analysis screen, overlaying the runs you are comparing making it very easy to instantly spot and analyze variations between runs. Tabular data is still available for even closer scrutiny.

Full Screen Table View
The Table View has been modified to adjust to larger display sizes allowing you to see more data on the screen without scrolling, and more.

RaceLog Pro 8 Plus replaces all previous versions of RaceLog Pro and PageAire Pro.

Part # UG158-1 - RaceLog Pro 8 Plus (from RaceLog Pro 7 only)
Format: CD-ROM
For Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 9x
Price: $69.95
Note: To qualify for this Upgrade Price, you must be a registered user of RaceLog Pro 7 Plus.

Part # UG158V-2 - RaceLog Pro 8 Plus (from RaceLog Pro 6 only)
Format: CD-ROM
For Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 9x
Price: $79.95
Note: To qualify for this Upgrade Price, you must be a registered user of RaceLog Pro 6.

Part # UG158V-3 - RaceLog Pro 8 Plus (from RaceLog Pro 5 or RaceLog Pro Lite)
Format: CD-ROM
For Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 9x
Price: $99.95
Note: You must be a registered user of a previous version (1.0 through 5.0) of RaceLog Pro or version (6.0 through 7.0) of RaceLog Pro Lite software

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