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Clifton Cree
Fri, 23 Jun 2023 10:21:
To: bkoda@ifamilysoftware.com

Subject: RaceLog Pro 10


I absolutely love the software. So much easier to use than crew chief. I also feel it’s much, much, MUCH more accurate. I wish I would found this years ago!

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Jimmy Smith
Batesville, MS


Thanks for your support with my little EL-5500III Hand Held Computer that I have had for 27 years and the Hand Held Weather Station.

I am slow and run on a .4 tree, 7.00 Index with a 3125lb car SBC. We won the points (7.0) at Memphis this year (2019) and we Qualified #1 at 7 out of nine races.

At 77 years I just thought this would just still be fun. But all of my old buddies have quit. But this is still fun win or lose.

Been racing for 63 years.



And, From Australia:

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From : Colin Griffin
To : "bkoda@ifamilysoftware.com"
Subject : Championship
Date : Sun, 09 Apr 2017

Hi Bob,
Just a quick note to let you know, last week end, I won the 2016/2017 Australian Super Gas championship using your trailer base weather station. It came down to the final who ever won would be the champion. My mate in the other lane went red so I ran, no backing off and ran 9.898. So I was set up pretty tight. He also ran a losing 9.898.

Regards Colin Griffin

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On Sun Mar 19 19:48:39 2017
Tech Support
Subject = Family Software Stickers

Hi Bob, It's Michaelyn Roelle with Timid Tiger Racing. Last season we made the change to Top Dragster and just got a new car for this season. First weekend running the car ever was at the Arizona Divisional and we made it to the semi-finals! The car ran dead on exactly what your program said it would 4 out of the 5 runs, the 5th run I lifted because I was so far ahead of the guy. I was wondering, when you get a chance, could you send me some stickers for the new car? I would really like to promote your program. We finally knocked some sense into a few of the racers out here about your program. I understand a few of them have contacted you already!

Thank you,
Michaelyn Roelle

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On Thursday, 10/27/16
From: Harry Gerb
To: Bob Kodadek <bkoda@ifamilysoftware.com>
Subject: RaceLog Pro 9.1

Bob, What can I say??--Your stuff is just plain bad ass!!!

I have been using it for years and our teams success speaks for itself in this highly competitive 8.50 Index class ...3 track championships, 12 wins, ,mulitple #1 qualifying efforts and finally a Wally at the 2016 Dutch Classic.

There is no doubt when I go into an event that I can just trust the Racelog Pro to put me on a 8.50 run and when the driver is doing his job it makes for a sweet day!!

Thanks again Bob for a great product and even better product support!!

Harry Gerb
H & J Motorsports

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On Wed Jan 6 2016
From: Mark Wudel
To: Bob Kodadek <bkoda@ifamilysoftware.com>
Subject: RaceLog Pro 9.1 Update

Thanks again and by the way won the track championship and our track Summit Super series chanpionship using your software LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Mark Wudel

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On Wed Oct 28 2015, The following information was submitted:
Subject: Sales


Bob I'm not sure if you remember me. I purchased one of your systems from you 2 years ago when I bought my first dragster. Since then I recently sold my car to my daughter and bought an other one for me. We took it to the SBRA Bracket Finals at Mason Dixon over the weekend and won the High Roller race on Friday for #$5000.00 and then on Sunday, without a time shot, using your weather station, dialed the car for 1st round and ran dead on!

We went on to win the 2015 SBRA Bracket Finals for $6000.00 cash, a gold card and various prizes! What a great weekend!


Tim Armstrong

Date: 3/3/15


I ran using your software at the division 7 points meet. 6 rounds and the dial was never off by more than .006.

Mike Graham
SS 72

Sent from Windows Mail

On Thu Nov 20 17:07:58 2014

Subject = Just an Update


Mike Roelle Here SC 7786. You have been helping myself and Mark Wheeler. So here is an update . We got the car running great, 60' times and got the Tune up a lot closer and at the last few races we have been able to dial in almost all on the #. We are so happy. So Thank You for all the help and direction.

You have been the only person to be a straight shooter. You might find this interesting In Vegas we ran into the Crew Chief Pro guy and his wife and they were telling how much we needed that program. After meeting Him I knew what I had to do. Placed another I Family Sticker on the Car on both sides and went to work. Fell out of the trailer and dialed a 9.055 and ran it over and over agin . He could not hit the #. Then, at Pomoma, out of the trailer Ran a 8.905 then I played games , Dialed different times and the car ran what ever I told it to , He was not smiling at us much. So in closing just want to say thank you for all the help and input we are closer now and have a good direction.

Mike Roelle

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On Sun July 27 15:58:30 2014

From: Chris Williams
To: Bob Kodadek <bkoda@ifamilysoftware.com>

Bob, I can't thank you enough for your customer service. I recommend you to everyone at the track. You're one of the "good guys" and I really appreciate it.


Mon Aug 5 17:14:45 2013
Tech Support

Bob, just wanted to say thank you for all your past help. I got all the other problems fixed with the car. We went to the last race and yes it was just as easy as you stated in you news letter. In 2 runs I had the throttle stop factor # and went out and ran on the 3rd pass 8.901 just that easy. In fact we made 6 more in the 8.905 range we are so happy.


Mike Roelle SC 7786

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Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2012 20:22:56 -0600
From: _________@cableone.net
Reply-To: __________@cableone.net
To: ifamilysoftware.com
Subject: Happy Customer

Hello Bob,

I sent you my Sharp EL-5500 III computer to reprogram as my other brand was dead in the water. You reprogramed it with the FAMILY SOFTWARE program and after learning to use it I went racing Saturday, a 7.0 index (my normal thing) and WON, loaded up and drove to another track the same day, entered Super Pro (which I have not done in 2 years) and WON again. I have been racing 53 years but have never done this and the predictor was VERY GOOD most were Predicted ET's within .010. I am very happy.


Jimmy Smith 4621 racing, Batesville ,Ms.

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Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 09:05:20 -0800 (PST)
From: Anita Searl
To: Bob Kodadek @ifamilysoftware.com>

Awesome! Thank you so much!

And, just for the record, from someone who has worked in Customer Service for over 20 years, you have EXCEPTIONAL Customer Service! Thank you for that!

Have a Great Day!

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Hi Bob,

We've been using your software and weather station/paging equipment for nearly 10 years and it's simply the most accurate and user-friendly system on the market. It has put me in the winner's circle many, many times with both door cars and dragsters used for bracket racing and throttle stop racing.

Many local competitors have switched from the "other" systems to yours after struggling with complicated features and poor customer service. But I writing to let you know that your system also works just as well on Jr. Dragsters. Over the past 4 years, we've used it to predict my son's 12.90 and 8.90 class Jr. Dragsters with great success and he's captured over 50 wins and several championships. Attached is a photo when my son, Jackson, took back to back wins on Saturday and Sunday, which has occurred more than once.

Thanks for providing a great product, excellent customer service, and keeping us in the winner's circle!

Brad Core
Crowley, LA

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Subject: Picture
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 08:57:00 -0700
From: Robert Johnson
To: Bob Kodadek

Here are a couple pictures I had taken at the first of the year. These are what my son has won with this car since we built it and started racing it in June of 2004. There are 25 Wally's in the picture and since has picked up one more in Seattle.

Thanks for the help,

Bob Johnson

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Subject: Re: FS Secure Email
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 17:03:26 +0100
From: Pete Creswell
To: Bob Kodadek @ifamilysoftware.com

Hi Bob,

Just to let you know that the program worked O.K. on the new PC. In fact we managed to qualify #3 in Super Comp with a 8.901 and backed it up on the next session with a 8.906. We then went on to Win the class in eliminations the next day. All we have to do know is see if we can repeat that at the next race.

Best Regards,

Pete Creswell, United Kingdom

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On Mon Oct 5 15:58:30 2009
Sales subject = King Of The Track

Bob the weather station has been real good thanks for your help. We won King of the track at Atco Raceway, What is your e-mail I will send you a picture

Dean Nickerson

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On Sat Nov 14 17:16:39 2009
Sales subject = Pro Gas Championship

Hi Bob, I wanted to let you know that we won the Southern California Pro Gas Association Championship. The software and the car are finally in sync. We had a great season. Runner-up at the first race then winner the next day. We held the lead 5 out of 7 races. Glen and I couldn't be happier. The champion (and his lovely wife) gets a week in Maui in a 3 bedroom condo on the beach including airfare and a rental car. (No you can't go, sorry.) Just thought I'd pass along another success story for your great product.

Thanks again for all your support.

Mo & Glen Smith

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Subject: Re: RaceLog Pro 6 Plus
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 15:56:28 -0400

Thank you for the unlock code the system is amazing we had a huge weather front come through at the last race and it cooled off somewhere around 11 degrees and every condition changed. The program said to drop it from a 5.21 to a 5.17 so i did and it ran a 5.171 on the 5.17!

Thanks again,

Kevin Berry

On Mon Apr 27 08:01:44 2009
Subject = Runner Up!!!!

Bob, first of all I want to say thank you for all your help at the end of last week. You really made me feel like I wasn't being hurried as far as helping me set up the software, etc. on my computer.

We ran more 9.90's in one weekend than we have in a whole season!

We had a blast and ended up runner up!


Doug and Janine

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Subject: Pager
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2008 08:49:33 EDT
From: ChuckWestcott....
To: b...ifamilysoftware.com


Pager got here early am- Thanks sooo Much.

I ran a .002/9.901 first round - # 1 Qualifier. I could not have accomplished that without my pager.

Best Regards,

Chuck Wescott
Director of Motor Sports-Indianapolis Goodridge USA

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DataMaster Sportsman Computer
Date: 3/10/06 9:19 AM

Bob, I really think your computer would (also) work on any Pro Car.

As far as it working with (MSD) 44 mags, It seems to be as good as a Racepak. With some time to get use to it, I think it will be a great alternative to the high priced unit.

You could have a whole new market in the making.

Bill Kuhlmann
Pro Mod - Nitro Coupe

Missouri’s Bill Kuhlmann became the first doorslammer racer to crack the 200-mph barrier. He also nearly became the first in the “fives” when he ran 6.001, 234.41 in a Nitro Coupe.

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Date: Aug 19 21:56:42 2004


Again I find myself sitting behind a keyboard typing to you after yet another victory with my small block Chevy dragster that is guided by your RaceLog Pro system, inputted by both your EGT system and digital pyrometer, and reviewed by your DataMaster Sportsman computer. Six rounds within .024 high to low and a final round that was .006 off perfect, but which was exactly what was predicted by your program. Final round time slip was 8.326 vs a losing 8.326 with identical 660 foot and 1320 times. Your systems made my victory happen and are the ultimate in drag race analysis.

Thanks again for your product and continuing support.

Geoff Smith S/C 5988

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Subject: I like it
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 10:27:14 EDT

I have two weekends on the Palm (ET-1000Z) unit with the prediction software and I am getting comfortable with using. I predict my time trials just as practice. This last weekend I went to a National Open event and as I could not attend on Saturday, I got one time trial on Sunday and then into rounds. My prediction for my first time trial missed by .003 but the run was 20 minutes after the prediction and the early morning weather was changing. Now if we had something to cure dumb headed driving, I would buy that as well.

Thanks, but I am not sure I want my friends and competitors to hear about your products!

J. D. Bohlman

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Subject: Vantage Pro/PageAire Pro
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 17:30:19 EDT

Hi Bob, Just wanted to let you know that I was able to get out for some testing at Sacramento. We used the pager system on the first run with data from the old system. At the time of the run the prediction was 9.519 the actual et was 9.521, within .002 second. To say that I'm pleased would be an understatement. Thanks for your help.....Pat McDonald

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Subject: DataMaster Sportsman Computer
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2003 21:35:58 EDT

Bob, just figured I would let you know that I went to semi's last weekend (last 3 cars) at Numidia in Super Street in my very first year of competition. I could not have done it unless we got the car squared away, with much help to the (DataMaster) data recorder and the (FS-1100PKG) pager weather station. Thanks again for the help and hopefully we'll get our first win this year too.

Kris Kurzweg

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Subject: FS-1200 Paging System
Date: 07/13/03

Today at the track everything worked as it should. I am very happy with the equipment and want to thank you for your help. This is a unit I could recommend to anyone. By the way we had two converters go bad on us today so did not go many rounds.

Thanks again for your help,

Bob Johnson

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Subject: DataMaster Computer
Date: 06/17/03

After considering our discussion today regarding the apparent variation in VRT on my Datamaster, I went back and reviewed the data from the last 2 races. Two races ago in Fallon, I had thought something was wrong with my Datamaster as our VRT's were in the .040-.050 range as opposed to around .200. At any rate, my reaction times sucked and I kept thinking the car wasn't making power due to the high altitude (average 6800' corrected). I kept chipping the car up, actually making the spin worse (you can actually see the VRT getting quicker, meaning turning the tire worse). Then, they sprayed the starting line for eliminations, my VRT went back to normal (meaning the car hooked) and I went big time red. Had I understood the data, (and I do now), I would have chipped it down until the car hooked as it normally does and likely wouldn't have bulbed. Also, I'm finally getting a handle on all the features of Racelog. At last weekend's race, out of the trailer I went a perfect .900 and then .903 (after the air changed about 800') in qualifying (the #1 qualifier check paid for about 1/2 the software by itself). Then followed it up with another .906 before breaking out with a .895 taking to much stripe. But the car was dialed and I'm beginning to have the confidence in it. At any rate, thanks for the help today and the terrific products. It's cool to talk to somebody that "walks in our shoes" regarding sportsman racing.

Sorry though, I won't be recommending your products to anyone I race with (LOL!!)
Just kidding, I'm very impressed with your products and recommend them to anyone that wants to truly understand what's going on with their car.

David Poffenbarger

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Subject: 8803-K Digital Egt Kit
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003
From: kdracing@juno.com
To: Bob@ifamilysoftware.com

Hi Bob -- Just wanted to thank you for your emails of 3/23/03 in response to the problem I was having with this unit. You are absolutely correct -- the mag I run is stronger than the one my brother has, and I also have solid core ignition wires. I haven't yet fixed it as described in your email, but I plan to get to it soon. I just wanted to say thank you -- it's good to know that there are some people out there who actually know what they are selling and know how to fix a problem when it arises. I appreciate your help -- I'll let you know what happens.

Thanks again!
Ken Stephenson

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Subject: First Use of Data Master
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 14:14:18 -0800
From: "David Poffenbarger"
Organization: Fastrack Technologies To: "Bob Kodadek"


Got the DataMaster installation complete and had a chance to use it at a bracket race last weekend. The system is pretty cool. We got behind on testing (over 350 cars showed up for a test day when normally we only get around 40!!) so went to the bracket race to get some more runs. Although we had some problems show up (valve springs we think), the data definitely confirmed what I felt. After the car went into high gear, it started running a little ratty and that showed pretty clearly on the graphs. Also looks like it will accurately show the track position once I input the correct pulse data into the box. After editing the time slip, my pulse numbers were a lot closer that I would have expected at each track increment. We were kinda chasing our tails at the race (one of the reasons I HATE to try and test at a race) trying to get the car to run right so we didn't have the time to play with the Datamaster. We still have quite a bit more to learn about/from it. The only complaint regarding DataMaster so far is having to type the file name each time you want to open a new data file. Can't that be made to select the file from the list?

Also been playing around with the RaceLog Pro. It looks better each time I dig into it. It definitely looks like it will meet our needs. We are going to put the car on the dyno to sort out all the remaining performance issues and hit the next test day when (hopefully) there won't be so many cars to get our TS program figured out.

At this point, I very happy with both of your products. It seems the racing industry is filled will products that don't come close to fulfilling their promises, but the Family Software stuff I'm using definitely does.


Hi Bob,

Thanks for a great season, The program works great and I must say that the car has never been so dialed in as it has since I've been using the Racelog Pro. Also thanks for you help at the track.

Pat Iannone
Super Gas 1809

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Subject: DataMaster Sportsman Computer
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 18:48:33 -0600
From: "Geoff Smith (Corunna)"

"I am a 42 year old former stock car racer now gone drag racing, a chemical plant supervisor, and a regular IHRA Super Pro/Top Dragster competitor at Grand Bend Motorplex."

"I've been using Family Software products exclusively in my race operation for the past 3 years. RaceLog Pro Software, ET Predictor II Weather Station, an Infrared Temperature Gun, a Digital EGT kit , and for 2002 the DataMaster sportsman computer. I've been 100 percent satisfied with everything I have purchased from Family Software, and it keeps me coming back."

"What worries me is that my competition is starting to get smart and buy Family Software products as well…."

"Using the DataMaster sportsman computer in testing this season gave me a direction as to why my car was not repeating as I thought it should. Thanks to the DataMaster's easy to read graphs, I corrected problems which I never knew were affecting me on the track. The results have been very clear; 4 final rounds in 10 appearances for 2002. My best season ever !! The DataMaster has even changed the way I drive the car from one lane to another."

"I can honestly say that buying Family Software products has been the best value I have ever spent on race car related parts !"

Geoff Smith, Super Pro 5988




Hi Bob,

I read your recent discourse on the effects of humidity on engine power and vehicle performance with great interest. I agree that there is wide misconception in the racing community about the effects of not just humidity, but also barometer and ambient temperature. I’ve heard statements like “the air is 90% water out there, I’m really going to slow down.” Most racers banter about %RH numbers, but very few really understand what those numbers mean. The absolute water content of air at 90% RH and 50F is a far different animal from 90% at 90F, but most think they are the same, and have the same effect on their cars, because of the 90% designation. I think some basic education is lacking somewhere. Your article should help clear the “fog.” (no pun intended)

Use of a psychometric chart is very helpful in understanding these relationships. A complete chart shows not only several curves of %RH -vs- temperature, but also absolute humidity, usually in grains/pound of dry air, and vapor pressure.

The line where wet and dry bulb readings intersect can be followed across the chart to the absolute humidity scale. You are then able to assess the actual amount of water in the air at the prevailing temperature and humidity and make an accurate estimate of the effect of different temperatures and humidities. %RH readings given without the associated temperature are worthless.

The line where wet and dry bulb readings intersect can be followed to the opposite side of the chart to the vapor pressure scale. This is the contribution of the weight of the water in the air to the barometer reading. It is subtracted from the barometer reading (after converting the unit of measure to Ins Hg) to give dry air barometer.

Water dissolved in the air also fools the carburetor into metering too much fuel. Water molecules passing through the carburetor’s venturi draw fuel into the airstream like nitrogen or oxygen molecules. The poor dumb carb can’t tell the difference!

Again, I think you article is on target and your audience can use the education. I am suggesting that you continue to pursue the subject in future newsletter additions and further clear the fog.


Larry Johnson

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