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Paging Systems:

FS-1250 External DiPole Antenna


Part # FS-1250 External DiPole 1/2 Wave Paging Antenna
Price: $129.95

This external DiPole 1/2 Wave Paging antenna will increase your paging transmitter's range by at least 5 times. It will work with any UHF Paging Transmitter with a BNC connector. If your paging transmitter is located inside an aluminum trailer, your transmission range is reduced dramatically. Paging transmissions cannot go through metal. If you are having difficult receiving your data, then your standard 1/4 wave antenna may be the culprit. Using this external antenna with our Family Software Paging System will increase your range from a 1 mile radius to a 2 mile radius! Complete with 9 foot coax lead and BNC connector. We have extension leads if you need more length.

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