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PC Tree Plus+ Practice Tree V4.05


Part # 12335 - PC Tree Plus+ for DOS, Windows 9x, XP
Format: 3.5 Diskette

PC Tree Plus+ is the ultimate practice tree software! The program accepts a mouse, joysticks, or the keyboard as input devices. One or two players can practice. Choose between a three (3) amber .400 Pro Tree, .500 Full Tree, or .500 Handicap Tree. In addition to adjustable digital roll out from .000 to .999, it also has delay box adjustments from .000 to 9.000 seconds. It also computes averages, has a counting and scoring system and can save your preferences to disk. This is the only practice tree software available where the timing system is accurate to .001 of a second, because the program is written in machine language. Family Software developed the first practice tree software in 1985. Other companies have been trying to imitate this software, but the imitations are simply not accurate.




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