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2021 Software Upgrades

RaceLog Pro 9.39 Plus

RaceLog Pro 9.29 Lite

RaceLog Pro 9.39 Plus Upgrade

If you purchased a previous version of RaceLog Pro Plus, you can upgrade at a greatly reduced cost to the latest RaceLog Pro 9.39 Plus software. Windows 10 requires this version. You qualify for this Ugrade if you have previously purchased:

RaceLog Pro 5 Plus
RaceLog Pro 6 Plus
RaceLog Pro 7 Plus
RaceLog Pro 8 Plus

This Upgrade is a complete installation, not a minor update. You should first uninstall/remove your old version if you are installing this Upgrade on the same computer as the old version.

RaceLog Pro 9.39 Plus
is the Weather Station and Paging System enabled version of our RaceLog Pro software. You don't need a trailer station or paging system to use RaceLog Pro 9 Plus, but if you do, it supports the Altalab Alta, Altalab AltaCom II, Altalab ACom 4x, Altalab ACom 4xR, Davis Vantage Vue wireless, Davis Vantage Pro, Davis Vantage Pro2 cabled and wireless, Davis Weather Monitor II, Altronics PAPC, Altronics Performaire Weather Center, Altronics PRO Weather Station, and select Professional Lacrosse weather stations. Plus, our unique Xlite Paging System. However, you do not need a Paging System with Free SMS paging using your internet connection, and a cell phone or other wireless device via Email!

New in Version 9.39 - Added support for Top End Throttle Stops and Altronics PRO Weather Station. Comprehensive improvement to the Horsepower Corrected Weight function for 1/4 mile (Gasoine, E85, Methanol) and 1/8 mile (Gasoine, E85, Methano)l modes. Great for those racers using ballast to adjust ET including Jr Dragsters.

Support for "AlkyPro" Supercharged, Alcohol Tuning Software for the Davis Weather Stations. If you use AlkyPro, this enables SMS text tuning settings to your cell phone. More information can be found at

New in Version 9.1
Now supporting Altalab Alta and AltaCom II trailer stations. Our software will use the integral Altalab paging system if so equipped.

There is also an option to use an external paging transmitter from Family Software for all Altalab and Altronics weather stations. So, adding a paging system or upgrading your current paging system couldn't be easier or more economical. Our paging systems and pager units are a much better value.

Export Weather: Added feature to export weather data to RacePak software.

New in Version 9.0 - Windows 10 Compatible
Export Database
We've added an "Export Database as CSV File" function for those wishing to export their data into Excel or other database program.

(- Zoom +) Computer display screens keep getting bigger so we've added the - Zoom + feature so that you can adjust the size of the program windows to your screen resolution or taste. All windows are also movable and individually resizable.

SQL Query Database
Structured Query Language (SQL) is a powerful database tool. We can use the "SELECT" statement and the "WHERE" clause to find only the records in your database table that meet with specific criteria.

Interactive Custom Report
At times you'll want to view only certain fields in a recordset for easy comparison, especially when using SQL Search. We've added an Interactive Custom Report that is viewable and printable. You can design a report "on the fly" by clicking on the field buttons.

Opponent Database
We've added an Opponent Database for those "wheel racers" who need to know the performance capability of their competition. After adding your run to the database click on Opponent Database and "Add New" to enter your opponents performance data using their car number and/or name.

New in Version 8.0 - Free SMS and Email Paging! SMS (Short Message Service) is also known as 'texting' and almost all wireless devices today will accept text messages and/or email. With SMS paging, an expensive UHF paging transmitter, antenna, or pager isn't needed. Instead, it uses the internet connection on your computer and your cell phone, iPad, iPod, or other wireless device. It is free to send SMS text and email messages, though your cell phone provider may charge for you to receive text messages.

New in Version 7.0 - This version added support for Windows 7 and Vista (32/64 bit) operating systems and the new Davis Vantage Vue wireless weather station. The program now supports Gasoline, Methanol, and E85 fuel. The ET Predictor Pro now has the ability for you to design your own Custom Paging String for each different database and/or car with the just data that you wish to see and in the order you wish to see it appear on your pager. Edit Label Definitions function allows you to edit the labels for most of the data cells in your logbook and save the custom label definitions as .def files. These are the data fields that you can use for any data that you choose.

New in Version 6.0 -
If you are using a supported weather station with RaceLog Pro Plus, it is no longer necessary to enter the weather data to a new record in the logbook manually. Racelog Pro Plus maintains a separate Date/Time indexed weather database (by the minute) while it is running. Calculations and display of Water Grains and Vapor Pressure have been added to the logbook and the ET Predictor screen. The buttons for Air_Calculate and STP_Calculate are removed from the logbook screen and the calculations are performed automatically as you edit or move through the record. No more forgetting to calculate!
An additional Component Run has been added to the logbook for keeping track of Oil and Filter changes. A graph has been added to the Run Segment Analysis screen, overlaying the runs you are comparing making it very easy to instantly spot and analyze variations between runs. Tabular data is still available for even closer scrutiny. The Table View has been modified to adjust to larger display sizes allowing you to see more data on the screen without scrolling, and more.

RaceLog Pro 9.38 Plus replaces all previous versions of RaceLog Pro Plus and PageAire Pro.

Part # UG159V-1 - RaceLog Pro 9.39 Plus Upgrade CD
Format: CD-ROM
For Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP
Price: $99.95
Note: To qualify for this price, you must have purchased a previous version of RaceLog Pro Plus.

Part #UG159DLOAD - RaceLog Pro 9.39 Plus Upgrade
For Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP
Price: $99.95
Note: To qualify for this price, you must have purchased a previous version of RaceLog Pro Plus.



After Payment is received, within 24 hours, you will receive an email containing a download link, a PDF copy of your receipt, and a PDF copy of the program instructions. No shipping charges.

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